A New Creation

The Christ is a new creation in which the Church is the body and Christ is the head

“Since someone is in Christ; a new creation, archaic things have passed away, behold all things have become new” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

God took from two and made one new man

For He Himself is our peace, Who made the both one and has released the middle wall of partition; rendering useless the hostility by His flesh; the law of commandments in ordinances, in order that of the two He should create in Himself one new man, making peace, and He should reconcile both in one body unto God through the cross, having slain the hostility by it – Ephesians 2:14-16

Taken out of Adam and Placed into The Christ

At Salvation the Holy Spirit Immerses (baptizes) the Believer into the Body of The Christ

For just as the body is one, and has many members, but the members of the body out from one, being many, are one body, thus also is the Christ. For also by One Spirit we were all immersed into one body, whether Jew or Greek, whether slave or free, and all were made to drink of on Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12:12, 13

Those in Christ is No Longer Condemned

Then now there is no condemnation to the ones in Christ Jesus, Romans 8:1

Why Did a New Creation Need to be Made?

Those in Adam

All humans are seen as in Adam.This means that all that Adam was is attributed to all humans as we are offspring from Adam. Therefore, the penalty of his trespass and sin is passed down to all of his children. The consequence is that all humans are separated from God in their spirit (rational), have a nature that is bent towards doing evil (yet still have the knowledge of good and evil and are responsible for doing good), and a subject to physical death.

Those in Christ

After the resurrection of Christ, God made a new man, also referred to as the Christ.When a person believes that Christ died for their sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scripture they are taken out of Adam and placed into the Christ. This means that all that Christ is, is attributed to those in the Christ. They are not longer condemned, but declared righteous and given eternal life.

Deaths and Gifts

Trespass Brought Spiritual Death

But not as the trespass, thus also is the gracious gift. For since by the trespass of the one [man] the many died, how much more the grace from God and the gift by grace by the one man Jesus Christ abounds unto the many.

Sin Brought Physical Death

Because of this, just as through one man the sin entered the world and through the sin the death, also thus unto all men the death passed, on the basis that all sinned. For until law, sin was in the world, but sin is not imputed, being no law. But the death reigned from Adam until Moses even over those not sinning upon the likeness of Adam’s transgression, who is a type of the one about to come.

The Gift of Righteousness Counters Physical Death

And the gift is not as through one having sinned. For on the one hand judgment out from one [having sinned] unto condemnation, on the other hand the gracious gift out from many trespasses unto justification.  For since by the one [man’s] trespass the death reigned through the one [man], how much more the ones having received the abundance of the grace and the gift of righteousness in life will reign through the one Jesus Christ.

The Gracious Gift Counters Spiritual Death

For the wages of the sin [nature] are death, but the gracious gift from God [is] eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

“The Christ” is used in four different ways in Scripture that have significant differences in meaning.

Old Testament

The anointed one – can refer to a person or the messiah

The Messiah – the promised heir of king David’s throne

New Testament

The Resurrected Glorified One – Describing Christ after His Resurrection. Different from His position as Messiah to the Jews

The Christ – to describe a new creation that God made when He raised Christ from the dead