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The Christian Life

Do more with what God has given you

The Christian Life

Godliness and Gain

Godliness - Living a life that manifest the character of Christ The greatest value that Christians have in life is not the amount of money and things they possess, but being content with what

Feeling At Ease In Christ

Learning to abide in Christ


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Definition of Sin

What is Sin? In 1 John 3:4 the definition for sin is given. "All the ones doing the sin also are doing the lawlessness. And the sin

The Christ

Scripture uses the word "Christ" to refer to multiple subject, depending upon the context. Since it means "an anointed one" it is used of men who are

Overcoming the Sin Nature

How to properly overcome desires from the flesh


Defeating Satan

Put on the Whole Armor from God


Defense Against the World System

Use it, don’t abuse it.


Knowing God

Getting to Know the One True God

The Essence of God

The essence of any being is the underlying substance that is the basis for its existence. The essence of a human is complex with three different

The Kindness of God

Kindness is an attribute of God. It is making others feel at ease. It is through His kindness that we are brought to a change in mind


The Priesthood of the Church

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