The Conduct of the Believer

Living a life that glorifies God

The Christian life is not one that is lived out from Law. It is a life lived out from faith. In the second chapter of the book of James the different between the Mosaic (Royal Law) and the Law of Liberty are explained. We are ones who should acts as those being judged by the Law of Liberty.

Put on the New Man

The new man is who we are in Christ. We have been taken out of Adam and placed into the Christ.

and put on the new man, the one created according to God in righteousness and piety of the truth, Ephesians 4:24

  • Anyone wise and an expert among you, let him show out from proper conduct his works in objectivity of mind from wisdom, James 3:13
  • Our conduct among unbelievers should be proper.

having your conduct among the Gentiles proper, in order that in which they speak down concerning you as one doing bad, out from your proper works observing they will have a proper opinion of God in a day of visitation, 1 Peter 2:12. (The day of visitation is when you are being accused of doing what is wrong, but by your proper works you are justified so that a proper opinion of God is manifested through your conduct).

But according as the One who called you is Holy also yourselves become holy in all conduct, 1 Peter 1:15

Holiness is to be set apart. We as Christians are set apart unto God. Our conduct should manifest this separation.

Do not walk as the Gentiles, in the futility of the mind

Therefore, this I say and testify by the Lord, you are to no longer walk as also the remaining Gentiles walk in the emptiness of their mind, having the working of the mind darkened, being alienated from the life of the God through the ignorance that is in them, through the hardness of their heart, who being callous gave themselves over unto lasciviousness unto every unclean work with covetousness. , Ephesians 4:17 – 19

  • False teachers use futile, or empty, words, 2 Peter 2:18
  • This futility is the same type of curse the creation was subjected to due to man’s fall, Romans 8:20
  • What goes through their mind is darkened – cannot see light
  • They are alienated from the life of God through their own ignorance and hardness of their heart
  • They callously give themselves over to lasciviousness and every unclean work.

Lay aside the old man

The old man is who we were in Adam. God attributed Adam’s trespass and sin to all mankind. Therefore the resulting deaths were pass along also.

The trespass resulted in spiritual death and the sin resulted in physical death. Death means separation, not annihilation. Spiritual death is separation from God; physical death is the separation of the soul and spirit from the physical body.

all of you to put off according to the former conduct the old man, the one being corrupted according to the lusts of the deceitfulness, and to begin again1; in the spirit of your mind, Ephesians 4:22, 23

1 A legal term that means to start a contract again – or renew.

We do not live by any law

Do not let anyone lead you astray. Christians do not live by any quality of law. Our standard is who we are in Christ and our focus is on walking by the Spirit and using His fruit, against which is no law.

For Christ is the end of any quality of law because of righteousness to every one believing, Romans 10:14

For your sin [nature] will not rule over, for you are not under law, but under grace, Romans 6:14

Knowing God’s Will for Your Life

And stop being conformed to this age, but to be transformed by your renewed mind, unto the testing for approval what is the desirous will of God, the good and well pleasing and mature, Romans 12:2

Presenting Your Body as a Living Sacrifice

Presenting Your Body as a Living Sacrifice Therefore, I encourage you brethren through the compassions of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable religious service. And stop being outwardly conformed to this age , but to be transformed by your renewed mind, for the purpose to test for approval what is the desirous will of God, the good and well pleasing and mature. - Romans 12:1,2.

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