What is Sin?

In 1 John 3:4 the definition for sin is given. “All the ones doing the sin also are doing the lawlessness. And the sin is the lawlessness.”

Since Christian’s are not under any quality of law, but are to live by faith, doing something that is not out from faith is sin – lawlessness, acting as through God has no standard by which life is governed.

But the one doubting if perhaps he should eat, condemns himself because it is not out from faith, and all which is not out from faith is sin, Romans 14:23

If we do something that we consider to be against God’s standard for our life we are not taking Him at His Word and are therefore sinning because we have chosen to go against Him.

The one who intuitively knows God’s desirous will and chooses not to do it, this is sin.

Therefore, the one intuitively knowing to do what is proper and does not do it, this is sin, James 4:17

In the context is it referring to choosing what to do in life without giving consideration to God’s desirous will.

Sin is only before God

Against You only I have sinned and the evil in Your eyes I have done, in order that You are righteous when You speak, clean when You judge, Psalm 51:4

Sin is Exterior to the Body, not in the Mind

Flee fornication! every sin which perhaps a man does is exterior to the body, but the one fornicating sins because of his own body, 1 Corinthians 6:18.

But the things proceeding out of the mouth come out from the heart, these defile the man, Matthew 15:18